Our Department of Neurology offers outpatient and inpatient care given by specialists, as well as intensive care services for patients requiring intensive care monitoring.

Conditions treated: 

- Dizziness (vertigo),

- Migraine and tension-type headache,

- Cluster headaches,

- Chronic headaches,

- Epilepsy,

- Stroke and other cerebrovascular disorders,

- Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia syndromes,

- Neck and back pain and hernias,

- Parkinson’s disease, dystonia, tremor,

- Myasthenia gravis,

- Myopathies,

- Multiple Sclerosis (MS),

- Encephalitides,

- Facial paralysis,

- Spinal cord disorders,

- Neuropathies,

- Compression neuropathies (carpal, tarsal, cubital and other neural entrapments)

- Trigeminal and glossopharyngeal, occipital neuralgias,

- Involuntary movements,

- Sleep disorders,

- Restless legs syndrome,

- ALS (motor neurone diseases), and

- Conditions requiring medical Botox


Tests performed: 

Following tests are conducted in the Neurology Laboratory: 

- EEG during wakefulness and sleep,

- Sleep Laboratory Test (Polysomnography),

- EMG and Evoked Potentials Laboratory Tests (VEP_SEP_BAEP_P300)


Specialists’ areas of interests:

- Cerebrovascular Disorders,

- Epilepsy,

- Peripheral nerve disorders,

- Muscle disorders,

- Multiple Sclerosis (MS),

- Migraine,

- Parkinson’s disease, and

- Alzheimer’s disease.