Anaesthesia and Reanimation

- Every patient who will undergo an operation will be examined by an anaesthetist before their operation. The required examinations and consultations are carried out, and patients will be prepared for their operation. General anaesthesia equipment of the latest technology is available in our Operating Rooms. Spinal-epidural, or regional anaesthesia can be administered to the patients for whom general anaesthesia is not suitable or necessary.

- We have 8 large operating rooms which are in accordance with the regulations and quality standards and regulations by the Ministry of Health.

- A ventilation system with HEPA filters which is in compliance with the quality standards is used in our operating rooms. Temperature, humidity, particle measurements and disinfection procedures are routinely carried out on a regular basis.

- As for the medical equipment, we offer services with our x-ray based medical imaging devices (scopy/scanner), microscopy, and endoscopy devices of the latest technology.

- There are post-operative recovery and follow-up units in the Department.

- All major operations can be performed in any branch.